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B r a i n s X O B e a u t y

For the Girls with Brains AND Beauty

Brains XO Beauty
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Welcome to Beauty XO Brains! Unlike the other rating communities, we are not bitchy. Also, unlike others we don't only care if you are "hot or not". To get into this community you must have 2 things. You must fit the "beauty" and the "brains". Beauty does not only apply to exterior beauty, but inner as well, sooo.. don't be intimidated. HAVE FUN HERE! :)

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[1] Post your application within 24 hours of joining the community.

[2] When you copy and paste the application, please do not remove any of the HTML tags. Also, do not post your application using Rich Text or the HTML will not work and your application will be a disaster Thank you!

[3] You must be a teenager. That means ages 13-19 only, please! I apologize to everyone else, but I think 13-19 is enough variety. :)

[4] Absolutely no nudity or explicit content in your pictures, which must also be behind the lj-cut with the rest of the application.

[5] The subject line of your application post must read "My Brains XO Beauty Application", just like that, or your application will be deleted. I'll just have to assume that you didn't read the rules.

[6] Please, please, please, if you are rejected for any reason whatsoever, leave with grace and dignity. Do not start drama, just leave with your head held high. Save the drama for somewhere else.

[7] You cannot comment, post, or vote on any other entry or application until you have been officially accepted by pinkpickles227. No exceptions.

[8] As annoying as this rule might be, I'm going to have to say not to respond to any votes that are made on your application unless you are specifically asked a question. This is just to make it easier to count the votes.

[9] You must have at least three (3) clear pictures of your face included in your application. (We don't care what your boobs or ass look like.)

[10] Do not leave ANY blanks on this application. We are quite aware of the fact that accidents happen and you might miss one unintentionally, but if you fail to fix your app after you have been alerted of the blank by any of the members, your app will be deleted.

[11] Make sure you wait 24 hours to allow everyone to vote on your application... we'll count the votes, see if you are rejected or accepted, and post it on the bottom of all of the votes. If you don't make it, we're sorry! Please do not reapply, though, since if you did not make it once, it's unlikely that you'll get in the second time. THANKS!

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♥ Yes, the application is a bit lengthy, but you'll like it. Trust me. :D

♥ Take into consideration the fact that you need to type like a literate human in order for us to take you seriously. dIs and dis and ThIs and anything that isn't grammatically correct, properly-typed-and-punctuated English (or at least a good attempt at it), will be rejected. I can 99.9% assure you of that. This community
is called BRAINS XO Beauty. We don't want cavemen.


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[1] Do not post rude, immature, or offensive entries in this community. Ever.

[2] Immaturity will not being tolerated when voting or in any posts. We have to make sure the community isn't all about appearance and will not let it become that way. So don't be ruthless bitches, please.

[3] If you are going on hiatus for whatever reason, please post and inform us of this & whether you would like to be taken off the members list or not.

[4] When voting on an applicant you must put for your subject either Yes or No. There will be no maybe, undecided, sway me, sure, nooooooooo, nope, or anything other than Yes and No. If you don't know if you like them or not, then don't vote. You must also list their good and bad qualities (why you voted the way you did).



++ Music
- Some responses were short
- Some pictures
+++ Ashlee Simpson

[5] Stay active in this community and keep on the lookout for new ways to get points. Also, you must have a minimum of 10 points within your first week or you will be alerted and removed for being inactive.

[6] When posting make sure you put for your subject "Stamped//…" where the periods are is where your subject goes. Either not relevant, scavenger hunts or picture theme. Along those lines.

[7] Do not promote other communities in this community! There are plenty of other places to do that. If you do so, the post will be deleted and you will be warned. If you do it again, you will be removed from Brains XO Beauty.

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[1] The point system is used to keep track of who is being active in the community. When you reach certain amounts of points, you will be rewarded by the mods.

[1a]For every 300+ points, a stamped member will recieve 1 accept/reject coupon. One of these coupons will allow you to auto-accept or auto-reject a Brains XO Beauty applicant (with our permission, of course). This can be used to bring a friend into the community or reject an applicant that just makes you want to scream. :D

♥ Below is the point guide for Brains XO Beauty, which is used to determine the amount of points you will receive for a variety of different activities:

Finding One Scavenger Hunt Item: + 2 points
If you find all items, you will receieve + 25 points

Lyric Contest: + 2 points per song
If you correctly identify all songs, you will receieve + 25 points

Theme Posts: + 10 points

Picture Posts (of anything, not just yourself): + 10 points

Text-Only Post: + 5 points

Referring Someone: + 5 points
This will be proved by your username being in the "How did you find this commuity?" area of the referred applicant's application.

Beauty of the Month: + 70 points and 1 auto-reject OR 1 auto-accept

Salute to Brains XO Beauty: + 5 points
A salute is a piece of paper with something along the lines of "username@brainsxobeauty" written on it. It can also be anything "saluting" this community. Please be creative! :)

Promotion in an LJ Friend's Journal/Community for Promos: + 2 points per promo link

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Scavenger Hunt: This is a random list of 10 items updated on a weekly basis. Members of the community can either take their own pictures of these items if they own them or find pictures on the internet. When posting Scavenger Hunt pictures, please put them behind an lj-cut reading "Scavenger Hunt Pictures" or something similar. More than one member can post Scavenger Hunt pictures and recieve points for them as long as they aren't the same exact pictures.

[1] A PINK pool raft
[2] The cover of your favorite book
[3] A balloon of any sort
[4] Your favorite celeb couple
[5] Your favorite car
[6] Your favorite board game
[7] A little lady bug
[8] An alarm clock
[9] Your favortie store
[10] An airplane

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This week's theme is On a Cruise. This means you may post pictures of anything involved with spending an a couple of days on a cruise ship... examples would be pool, food, a SHIP (might be nice considering the situation, ha ha), a room... you get the point. BE CREATIVE! I don't just want to see a lifeboat and a bathing suit, thank you very much. You may post no more than 3 theme posts, each worth 10 points, and each theme post must have a bare minimum of 3 photos or it will not count. No exceptions. Good luck! I am taking suggestions for upcoming themes, so feel free to give me some ideas at PiNkPiCkLeS227@aol.com(email address).

[1] This theme lasts for 7 days. During these 7 days you may only post 3 times, and you will receive 10 points per theme post. This means that altogether, if you post 3 theme posts (details of the theme are above), you can possibly earn 30 points this week.

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Lyric Contest: This is a random list of 10 seperate lines from lyrics to 10 seperate song. Each song is different. Make an entry identifying as many songs correctly as you can. If you mis-identify a song, you lose 2 points. If you correctly identify a song, you gain 2 points. Please DO NOT Google these lyrics... that completely takes the fun out of the game. This is a weekly contest. Only one person will receive points for each song, obviously.

[1] When minutes turn to days and years, If mountains fall, I’ll still be here
[2] Coming down like an Armageddon flame (Hey!)
[3] Naw I'm jus playin'unless you say I can, And im known to be a real nasty man
[4] I used to stand so tall,I used to be so strong
[5] No principals,no student-teachers, Both of us want to be the winner, but there can only be one
[6] You come around here like you know me, Your stuff at my place
[7] Who's stealin' your dreams, Why can't I bring you into my life
[8] It's about time we had our own song, Don't know what took so long
[9] Goin' nowhere,Waiting,Suffocating,No direction,And I took a dive
[10] It's like I missed a shot,It's like I dropped the ball

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Brains XO Beauty currently has no affiliates. If you would like to become an affiliate, contact me at Pinkpickles227@aol.com. Thank you! ♥

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