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Stamped//Scavenger Hunt.

[1] A PINK pool raft

Googled, but really exciting cause apparently the girl's name is Sara. Ha.

[2] The cover of your favorite book

One of my favorites...

[3] A balloon of any sort


[4] Your favorite celeb couple

Old school couples!!! Scott Foley and Jen Garner were just way too cute for words.

[5] Your favorite car

My Gloria. Course she's my fav.

[6] Your favorite board game

I am a Trivial Pursuit whore.

[7] A little lady bug

Tee hee.

[8] An alarm clock

Now that's chill. I wouldn't mind waking up to something that hot.

[9] Your favortie store

Old school O'Neill!! Jack is my homeboy. Makes me proud to live in Santa Cruz.

[10] An airplane
Image hosted by
Okay so "technically" not the whole plane. But I was bored after flying for 4 hours to Mexico last week so I was taking pictures on the plane. And then there was this gorgeous island. And it was really exciting. So I'm using that picture...cause you can still see the wing. =D
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