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Stamped//Beauty of the Month

Hello Everyone! I've got an Announcement to make!

Ok. I'm going to start the Beauty of the Month thing. I don't know how Rachel did it, or if she even did, but, here goes.

The Beauth of the Month will either be the person with the most points earned in a moths time. There is an exception to this. If someone has worked hard, like, let's say... participating in alot and doing alot of things, that person will be the Beauty of the month!

Being the Beauty of the Month gets you 70 points, AND 1 auto-reject or accept button thing. That means that if there's someone here that totally gets on your nerves, give them the auto-rejection. If one of your friends wants to join, save her the trouble of filling an app out and auto-accept them!

 Any questions, comment or email me! This Month's Beauty will be announced on July 16, a month from yesterday, when I started. There's a coundown thing on the info page at the bottom to remind you!


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